FundDesigner® - Workflow Solutions for Asset Managers & Servicers

Why do I need this?

Automate your investment guideline extraction process using our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning (“ML”) process, anonymized to ensure data privacy.

  • Manage 1,000s of regulatory, prospectus/IMA and operational restrictions with confidence and accuracy.
  • Creation of a central repository and go-to place for documents, interpretations and rule library management.
  • Maintain a lean rule library by avoiding duplicates while being able to easily trace back to source language.
  • Manage your rule coding, testing and sign-off workflows with a built-in audit trail.
  • Being asked to do more with fewer resources and inexperienced staff? Empower your most junior staff with the ability to quickly and confidently perform, reducing the training and supervision burden.
  • Out-of-the-box workflows and pre-configured templates allow you to effectively manage account lifecycles across multiple teams, systems, time zones and outsourcing/offshoring models.

What is it?

  • Account onboarding and lifecycle management
  • Automated investment restriction extraction using AI
    and ML
  • Investment restriction lifecycle management
  • Automated integration capabilities with industry-leading OMS/IMS
  • Tried and tested European solution for over a decade

Investment Restriction Extraction

  • The AI engine uses machine learning to read and extract
    investment restrictions from your fund documentation,
    whether those restrictions originate in a prospectus, IMA,
    regulation or internal/house rules
  • Advanced OCR capabilities allow for extraction from a wide
    range of document formats
  • Rule matches and gaps are flagged accordingly allowing
    you to eliminate outdated or stale requirements and reduce
    dispersion across product lines
  • Our workflow functionality allows you to manage the coding, testing and validation of any new rules required 
  • Allows for ease of comparison between ‘old’ and ‘new’ documentation through highlighting of any guideline changes

Account Onboarding & Lifecycle Management

  • Our workflow functionality allows you to manage your
    onboarding tasks across multiple departments, functions, regions and timezones – easily configured to match your organization
  • Upload your fund documentation to enable the automated extraction and recording of key fund data e.g. base currency, benchmark etc.
  • Set milestones and checkpoints that, when reached, initiate automatic actions such as notifications within FundDesigner®, API-based interaction with OMS/IMS, emails and reports
  • All workflow tasks are tracked against defined timelines to ensure your fund’s go-live date

Key Benefits

  • Shorten processing times
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Empower your junior-level staff
  • Comprehensive built-in audit trail
  • Strengthen adherence to legal and compliance requirements
    with enhanced governance
  • Ease of implementation: the flexibility to adapt to your
    organization and processes
  • Leverage Tilliestar’s market-leading implementation expertise and domain knowledge to make FundDesigner® a success for your organization

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